Baby Photo Ideas

Newborn Photography Ideas

Newborn baby bonnet with textured backdropThis baby photo idea is ideal for summertime because of its crisp, clean colors and natural daylight. This photo shoot features three main baby props which are all very affordable for any baby photographer: a “plain Jane” bonnet hat, a cream colored or white baby wrap, and a textured fabric background. That’s all the photography props that you need to pull this look off! This baby photo idea was the work of Leah Hoskins Photography.
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Baby and Toddler Photography Ideas

Trendy Newsgirl Hat

One of our favorite toddler photography ideas is creating a pose like the one pictured here where the little one has a big-eyed, pouty look on her face! This can easily be achieved using a shouting technique! Yes, you heard that right, shout her name at her! Here’s how it works, let the toddler or baby get busy coloring or playing with her favorite toy, then after you have adjusted your camera settings and lens for this exact shot, shout the little one’s name in a stern voice and be ready to shoot! You have to be ready though because you may only get one or two chances with this baby photo idea since most toddlers will learn to tune you out pretty quickly. The hat in this picture is called the Trendy Newsgirl hat featured from the Twysted Yarn shop!

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Baby Photography Tips

When using a baby wrap like the one  used in this photo shoot, we recommend to always bundle the baby tightly to provide the security and warmth of the womb.  Having a happy (and still) baby during your photo shoot is key to getting great shots.Wrapping the baby tightly is very similar to swaddling; which has been proven to soothe infants because it recreates the warm and comforting feeling of the womb.  A baby that feels safe and secure is a happy baby!

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Baby Girl Photography Ideas

Shabby Rose Hat

This baby photo idea is a particular favorite of ours for newborn girls because not only is it so versatile with various color choices but it works so well for a range of baby moods!  Whether the little one is fast asleep or wide awake or even a little upset, the props used in this photo idea put a positive and fun spin on the photo shoot.  As you can see from our gallery above, the photos turn out equally adorable whether the baby is asleep or awake.  She looks like a little bundle of joy waiting to be hugged!

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Baby Boy Photography Ideas

Newsboy Hat with Wire BucketThe newsboy look is a growing trend among fashion designers and celebrities over the past few years for both men and women fashion styles. Most top-line fashion stores now carry some form of a newsboy hat. This particular photo shoot does a tremendous job of capturing the true essence of the newsboy look with the use of a rustic wire bucket, a wood floor, and a faux brick wall. Notice that the colors are warm and masculine, yet there is still such a soft baby feel to the overall theme.
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Other Newborn Photo Props

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